Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{shari} cupcake bling

Aren't these sanding sugars beautiful? Perfect for our Sailor Glam cupcakes. Seen this morning on Abbey Goes Design Scouting. Here's a link to the website for these and every other color you can imagine. A fantastic resource for bakers!

Monday, May 24, 2010

{shari} distinguished sailors

Thanks USPS for releasing the most perfect stamps to adorn Sadie's Sailor Glam invite! Real life sailors of distinction. Gentlemen, it's an honor to have you aboard.

Friday, May 14, 2010

{sadie} earrings

i really like wearing earrings, and i assume now that i will probably be wearing them to the service and the party. i bought long dangly ones at a vintage store a few months ago that are a nice silver, that i am pretty sure i'm wearing for the party. i don't think they would be good for the service though, a little too long. but these ones would be really cute for the service, small and pretty.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

striped {sadie}

heres a collage i made on fun striped clothes, and then just a few other nautical items thrown in. i really like the headband, thats just above the bottom shoe and next to the ring. i like headbands, but the only problem with them is that they always just get lost in my hair.
headband: coast-stores.com
silk mini dress: net-a-porter.com
cardigan: johnlewis.com
sandals: urbanoutfitters.com
ring: urbanoutfitters.com

romper. {sadie}

i think rompers as a party outfit would be a good idea. i like the idea of not having to wear a dress to everything all the time, and rompers can still be dressy if they are the right kind.

i really like the color of this romper. maybe it would be somewhat easy to try and make a romper? just a thought.

Monday, May 3, 2010

{shari} meet the crew

Sadie - Bat Mitzvah Girl
Creative director and visionary behind Sailor Glam.
It seems she predicted a trend here. Thanks Anthropologie
for practically designing an entire Sailor Glam
line this season. Make no mistake, she's the captain!

Sophie - Good Natured Sister, Bat Mitzvah Veteran
Sophie's been down this road. She's cool under pressure. Sophie knows how to pull off the Hebrew portion of this wonderful day. She's also our go-to hair and makeup gal and all around talented girl. We'll keep Sophie very busy.

Alan aka Daddy
Alan, graphic designer and great idea guy. He will work with Sadie on her invitation and create some original artwork for the temporary tattoos. Sadie is lucky to have such a talented Daddy.

Olive - Alan's sidekick
Olive won't do a thing but sit around and look cute.

Shari aka Mommy
All around handy, I'll carry out the vision on time and in budget!

Tully & Kalynn - Our Best Pals
Tully has great style and talent. For Sophie's bat mitzvah, Tully addressed all of the invitations with his unique hand lettering. To say calligraphy would be misleading.
His fonts have personality galore!
Kalynn is simply great at everything! She brings beauty, fun and excitement to every event we've celebrated together. Kalynn and I will be two peas in a pod starting around September. It's good that we love each other!

Eric - Big Brother & Man of Mystery

Eric has a big job. He will make the Sadie movie we'll show at the party. He did a wonderful job on the movie he created for Sophie. Eric is fantastic with words and music. No doubt he'll help Sadie fine tune her speech.

Malina the Cool
Malina is a prop stylist. You might not know it, but you've seen her work. Malina travels to interesting places and sees cool around every corner. She is also super resourceful! We love that quality in a crew mate.

With a crew like this, Sadie's party is bound to be glam!
You'll meet all the rest of our family and friends along the way.
We love and appreciate each and every one.